Hi! 👋 I am Aarjav

I'm a designer who likes to focus on developing innovative and exciting product experiences.


My affection for design and innovation stems from daydreaming of possible solutions to everyday problems due to the absence of effective and elegant objects in growing India. This dream diverted my academic journey from being an engineer focusing on the function to a designer, expanding my focus to form and function; elegance and usability.  


My experience in the design industry has exposed me to some of the most intriguing and exciting projects I could imagine. I got to make a prototype app for Microsoft Hololens at Hasbro, I also had the chance to strategize and design a complete digital-physical product system at Myant. Most recently, designed complex user experiences for the entire RYSE App. 

My mission as a UX Designer is to design products that facilitate the best experience for the user.