A collaborative project with the company Bahco,
a subsidiary of Snap-On.
Project Overview
The goal of the project was to provide Bahco with the fieldwork to bring their brand of gardening tools from the European to the American market. Our agenda was to go out into the field, interviewing and observing the workers, business owners, and key stakeholders. By doing so, we were able to examine and analyze the existing market, and later we were able to map our insights and turn them into opportunities for Bahco.
Design Researcher
Skillsets Used
Shadowing, Observation, Ethnographic Interviews, Design Research, Research Planning, Data Collection and Analyzing, Affinity Mapping, Idea Visualization.
Secondary Research
The phase of secondary research involved understanding the current market of Pomology, Viticulture, Horticulture, and Landscaping. This phase also looked at the key stakeholders and the infrastructure they have built to support the market. The diagram presented above makes an attempt to succinctly summarize our findings.
Primary Research
This project started with the market trends study from user awareness to the usability of existing tools. Our challenge was to examine the market across 3 main sectors of Pomology, Landscaping, and Viticulture.
After finding incredible resources in Viticulture and Landscaping, possible market resources in Pomology slowly began to emerge. As these sources came to light, they brought with them a new, untapped field: Horticulture.

Viticulture (from the Latin word for vine) is the cultivation and harvesting of grapes, especially for wine making.


Pomology is a branch of botany that studies and cultivates fruit. 


Horticulture is the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants


Landscaping is the activity of designing or improving gardens and the surroundings of buildings to make them attractive

Coastal Georgia
Botanical Garden
At the Botanical Garden, we had the opportunity of speaking to the head of horticulture, Jamie, as well as two full-time gardeners, Kathy and Shane.
There are several gardens throughout the property, all of which require different maintenance. There is the Formal Garden, which requires the most careful, precise pruning. The U-Pick Garden, which functions as the pomology section of the botanical garden, requires heavy weeding and maintenance. Additionally, there is Trustee’s Garden, which is a historic homage to General Oglethorpe’s original garden where he first settled in Savannah.
Savannah Harbor
Golf Course
The Savannah Harbor Golf Course mostly
focused on landscaping and the upkeeping of shrubbery
along with some trees. At the time of our visit, we were
able to see the shop in which all of the tools and heavy
machinery are kept as well as meeting some employees
with years worth of experience.

At the golf course, we were given a tour by the
golf course superintendent, Lynn Childress, who
instigated a major change with improved security and
better sprinkler systems in order to save water. 
Meinhardt Vineyards
and Winery
The pruning season for the vineyard is during the
warmer months. At the time of our visit, the vines were
in hibernation: waiting for the colder weather to arrive.
The vineyard hosts events for families and is available
to use as a venue for weddings.

At the vineyard, we were given a tour by one of
the owners, Kenneth Meinhardt, who was able to give us
great information on not only the types of wines
produced at the vineyard, but what the process of
wine-making entails.
Affinity Diagramming
Affinity Diagramming
After doing interviews and observations on several field trips, we got great quotes and insights. However, in order to view the information in a systematic way and connect them with Bahco, we decided to dive deeper into the secondary research, looking for more information about the entire Bahco market and gaining more understanding of related experiences. To do this, we split into three groups.
One group was in charge of researching the “in-person” influences to shopping, like shelf presence and word of mouth. The other group looked into the social media side of the market and user experiences. The last group examined the online market as it is. By handling these three aspects, more insights surfaced.
Opportunity Statement
There is an opportunity for Snap-On to bring Bahco into the American Market, using an approach that extends over social media, online marketing platforms, and focuses on interacting directly with customers.
Process Book