Aarjav Pandya




Mealer is a system which includes an app and supporting products which facilitates people to manage, budget and regulate their food consumption. 

The app accounts for the experience and preferences of the user and makes recommendations for recipes accordingly. By providing the incentive of helping users buy the right quantity of food to save money, mealer indirectly facilitates reduction in over-purchasing leading to reduced food wastage.  


6 months


Designing and Conducting Research, Concept Generation, Hand and Digital Ideation, CAD Modeling, Keyshot Rendering, UI design, Graphical Presentation of Concept, Thesis Defense  

The Process

The Final Product


Mealer App


Mealer Scale

The mealer scale is an easy to use measuring scale which can be used along with the mealer app to get accurate weightage of each ingredient. By weighing the ingredients every time, the app can keep a record of consumed ingredient and can inform the user when any ingredient is about to get over. After connecting the scale, the user can directly switch to the app to continue the measurements.


 Mealer Food Waste Bin

The mealer food waste bin is used to keep a track of the food wastage pre-consumption and post-consumption. This individual behavior is recorded into the mealer's app using RQ(Resourcefulness Quotient) score. 

PREP Waste - the unavoidable waste which is generated while cooking. The prep waste includes carrot tops, onions tops and other similar organic waste is either inedible part of veggies or accidental spillage while cooking. 

FOOD Waste - The avoidable waste which is generated while consuming. Food waste refers to food appropriate for human consumption being discarded, whether or not after it is kept beyond its expiry date or left to spoil. 

Understanding this consumption behavior, the app also provides possible ways to reduce the food wastage. 


User Journey