SKIIN Connected Life

SKIIN Connected Life

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Project Overview

The Skiin Connected Life is a Garment System that helps people capture, track, and share their Health and Wellness metrics.

The system is designed to provide feedback to help users improve their overall health, and allow them to better connect with themselves and others.

The Skiin Connected Life is a commercial product of Myant. 



UX/UI Designer
UX Researcher

Skillsets Used
Wireframing & Prototyping
Competitive Research
User Research and Interviews
Design Execution and Validation
Design Tools Used
Google Suite
Google Forms
Skiin Product Offering

The Skiin Connected Life is a garment system that uses an underwear garment, a Pod, and an app. The pod is magnetically attached to a dock on the band of the garment. The app is used to record and display health and wellness metrics from the user. 


The product has both wellness and medical features included in the app.

Wellness features
  • Heart Rate

  • Activity

  • Sleep

  • Stress

Medical feature

ECG (electrocardiogram)

  • Monitoring

  • Recording

  • Sharing

Skiin Pod
Skiin Garment

The Skiin Pod attaches itself to garment securely and connects to the app using BLE.

The Skiin garments contain Textile Electrodes on the band which collects ECG signals.

Skiin App

The Skiin app helps manage the biometric information captured through Pod and Garment.

Old Skiin Onboarding

The Skiin App's onboarding was previously designed to help connect a single garment to the app. Myant's direction for this product line was to launch it as a medical product that can help monitor, record, and share ECG with friends, family, and HCP(Health Care Professional). 

Sign Up
  • Little guidance 

  • Lacked uniform design language

Health Profile
  • Unfriendly and Unsupportive copy

Pairing the Pod
  • Steps to pair pod were confusing for elderly participants.

Secondary Pairing Option
ECG Baseline
  • It felt like a very long onbording leading to user frustration.

  • The user did not know the progress of the onboarding and how many steps were left to finish it.

End of Onboarding
Customer Journey Map
  • This map was created to help visualize the different processes and channels used to onboard the user on to the Skiin App. It helped identfiy specific goals, needs and potential issues of the user to inform our designs. 

User Testing

The user test for current onboarding of the whole system was conducted to help identify appropriateness for the target user along with understanding issues with usability, ease of use, and ease of learning.

The User Test involved

  • creating a test procedure with specifics about the tasks and questions

  • recruiting the participants. 

  • facilitating the test with 13 participants with ages 45+.

  • proper documentation along with capturing audio recordings.

  • creating executive and detailed summary of results and findings.

Identified Problems through User Testing
Long Onboarding
  • The app onboarding was very long which was very frustrating.

  • Older participants were finding it difficult to navigate the flow.

  • Users did not get enough time to understand the use of the app.

Tone of Voice
  • The App lacked friendly and supportive copy that aided easy onboarding.

  • The App copy was filled with medical jargon which were difficult to understand for some users.

Issues with UI
  • Accessibility issues due to low contrast colors for components and fonts.

  • Issues with typographic hierarchy

  • Participants felt 

Myant's future direction for Skiin brand
  • Expanding the range of garments they offer.

  • An app to use and control each garment.

  • Having a singular sign-on which can help get an aggregate of the data captured using multiple devices and garments.

  • Expanding the features the system has to offer.

  • Expanding the social connectedness features, capture and share live biometric data, capturing more health and wellness metrics.

Reworking on Wireframes

Updated Skiin Onboarding

Based on the issues identified through testing and revisiting Myant's overall vision regarding the Skiin Garment System, we redesigned the onboarding.

Highlighting the main features of the app based on App's Landing page with a friendly tone.

Not breaking the flow of the user by allowing the user to verify the account quickly.

Considering that Myant planned to launch garments that helped track and monitor various health and wellness metrics on an ongoing bases; instead of having different apps for different devices the app was reconfigured/redesigned to accommodate more than one device at one time. 

Providing a friendlier 'add a device' process that takes the user through the steps in a detailed manner.

Helping the user to set up the system whilst teaching them about the best practices to use it.

Create an Account
Updated Device Management
Using QR Code
Using Pod ID
Using Proximity Connection
Successful Connection
Capture ECG
App Landing Page
Add a device
Updated Customer Journey Map
Feature Mapping

As a part of ecosystem mapping, we conducted a feature mapping activity with stakeholders to help plan the launch of different features within the Skiin app by carefully crafting a UX strategy that aligns the user's needs along with business needs. 


SKIIN Connected Life